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HOMEBOUND: Billie Corbell, Barbara Twedell,

COLONIAL ASSISTED LIVING: Margarett Tharp, Clydine Blue, Nelda Moss, Etta Womack

MEMBERS: Bill Haynes Fran Long, Libby Brown, Jim Yewell, Robert Payne, Mary Porter, Pam Hazelwood, Melody Fisher, Rick Chandler, Don Lacer, Ken Enyart, Betty Whitledge, Tom & Phyllis Antonini, Paul Wilson, Betty & Dale Jenkins, JoJo Cowling, Bob Danheiser, Judy Chandler, Bob & Christi Domizio, 

FAMILY & FRIENDS: Keith Fitch (Carol Fitch’s husband),Goldie Haire (Libby Brown), Nancy Shelton (Barbara Sprague niece), Mike Hunt (Alma and Mara Beth’s Brother in law), Loraine Embry (Martha Ann), Mandy Benamati (Bill & Dina Campbell’s daughter), Loraine Summers Chappell (Chuck’s mother), Daryl Bryant (Dennis Box), Mary Lou Johnson (Melody Fisher), Ben Cline, Sr.,  Bob Gray, Sonja McWhinnie (Priscilla Edmondson’s sister), Marlas Crafton, Rita Meuth, Lou Ann Branson,  Carlos & Marie Compton (friends of Pam Hazelwood), Leslie LeClaire (Susie Moore’s friend), Mable Ewing (Sue Wilson’s mother), Joe Wilder (friend of the Gadient family), Allie Jewell (Evina Bell grand-daughter), Jacquee Keeland, George Woodard, Karli Cook (Debbie Enyart), Dr. Ricky Ballou,  Jeanne Humphrey (Pam Hazelwood), Lorna Snow (Anita Watkins), Brian Gardner,  Bernice Farris, Benny Harget, Greg Powell, Drake Morton, Ed Freer, Connie & Steve McDowell, Richard Plumb, Charlotte Hailman (Barbara Chaney sister-in-law),  Tyler Boston, Ronnie Chandler,  Bryan Funk, Glenda Case, Robert Reynolds and Betty Shoemaker (Sue Cagle’s siblings), Fleara Brooks, Anna Shappell, , Melissa Shultzabarger, Sandra Payne, Brandon Bean, Lora Lee Duncan (friend of Nonnie Hopper), William Kennedy (friend of Libby Brown), Mobell Bullard (Evina Bell’s mother), Melinda Gould, Jim Briski,  Sandra K. Thomas, Liam Fulcher,  Military: Walter J. Mingus.


PLEASE PRAY FOR THE RECOVERY GROUPS that meet @F.C.C.: The Thursday Night Al-Anon Group and the Tuesday & Thursday night AA meetings.

Prayer requests are encouraged. Please use the form below.