We are members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) which began when separate but similar groups in Kentucky, Ohio and southwest Pennsylvania came together at a meeting in Lexington, Kentucky on New Years Day in 1832. Today, the Disciples of Christ number over 700,000 making us the largest Christian denomination to be born on the rugged American soil.

Our congregation was established in Henderson in 1844 and the first church was built in 1854. Henderson First Christian Church celebrates more than 150 years of ministry in the Henderson Community and we invite you to join us in this spirited journey.

Ministers of the First Christian Church, Henderson, Kentucky

W. B. Taylor      1887-1889 Ben E. Watson (Interim Minister) 1962
James Vernon   1889-1897 Jay R. Calhoun   1963-1967
E. J. Willis   1897-1901 Lee A. Crawford- Associate   1964-1966
Philip F. King   1901-1903 Frank N. Tinder (Interim Minister) 1967
R. H. Robertson  1903-1905 Donald A. Nunnelly   1967-1980
W. A. Ward  1905-1907 Darvid Hartman-Associate  1979-1981
James Vernon  1907-1915 John Updegraff (Interim Minister) 1980
Kyle Brooks   1915-1917 Charles E. Dietze (Interim Minister) 1981
J. L. Alderson   1917-1919 Elliott Massey  1982-1987
W. P. Walden   1919-1921 Phillip Carlisle (Interim Minister) 1988
E. J. Willis  1921-1927 Jerry Witt  1989
Minor W. Bottom    1927-1930 Larry Sivis -Associate   1986-1995
E. C. Lacy   1931-1938 Len Brummitt (Interim Minister) 1990-1992
C. C. England   1939-1944 Lon Oliver  1992-2002
Grady Speigel    1944-1945 Ed Kobe (Interim Minister) 2002
C. E. Grace     1945-1947 Bill Bingham   2002-2005
Charles E. Dietze   1948-1952 David Leslie   2006-2012
Arthur Digby   1952-1956 Bob Franz (Interim Minister) 2012-2013
William Burrus Apperson   1956-1962 Chuck Summers 2013-Present